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  • p. - Monday 8 August 2011 22:43
    ale brzydka
  • Stefano - Wednesday 2 June 2010 10:05
    Stefano nie docenia.
  • mjp - Saturday 29 May 2010 19:36
    Nie mam pojęcia. Leżały jakieś takie w kadrze, na polu golfowym
  • Zciwor - Saturday 29 May 2010 19:29
    A co to za dziewczyna?
  • Deborah - Tuesday 23 March 2010 15:37
    Why have you cut half of Stefano's head off?
  • Esteban - Sunday 29 November 2009 01:38
    sourish is the word.
    in italian amarene, from amaro (= bitter, although they are not bitter)
    the pinkish ones, besides, are visciole (the stress goes on the first 'i')
    ciliegie are the normal ones, and also one of the few words having two versions for the plural: ciliegia (S) -> ciliegie (P1), ciliege (P2)
    a fruity-grammatical lesson, you see
  • Stjepan - Sunday 29 November 2009 01:32
    my all-time favourite!
  • Anon - Monday 9 November 2009 13:15
    Lovely photo to remind us of the lovely walk, excellent photography Michael! Thanks for sending me the link Panayiota
  • Thomas - Sunday 1 November 2009 21:51
    absolutly great
  • Stéphanos - Sunday 1 November 2009 18:35